Mel Katz Part 1: 1970

Mel Katz has a retrospective exhibition opening at the Hallie Ford Museum  of Art at Willamette University on June 5. I’ll be mining my Mel Katz archive for awhile. Here’s a poster from 1970.

MK @ ftn obv

And on the reverse…

Kats @ The Fountain rev

And also on the reverse…

MK @ftn Pic


Art Portland 1970s

I’ve never been very good at archiving my stuff. I wrote almost 200 articles for Willamette Week from 1974-1983, but I probably saved only a couple dozen of my  clippings myself. However, my mother was better at clipping her son’s stuff, and recently, when looking through my clips box I found this article from 1980 that she saved. For those who were not here in the 70s, here’s some basic info.

(Click on the image to enlarge for readability.)


WW 70s AWW70s Combo