Christo on Broadway

Well, it reminded me of Christo, the new wrap on the Broadway Bridge. 

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It made me think about how the experience of art influences our experience of life. If we see something in art, how do we recognize and value similar experiences? The wrap on the bridge might have been intriguing even if I hadn’t seen Christo in Paris (great Maysles Brothers documentary) at least 15 times (showed it in class every year), or interviewed him when Portland  Center for the Visual Arts showed his work.

And “picturesque” views might not be picturesque if we’d never seen an artist’s landscape picture.

What do we notice because our time experiencing artworks has helped us to be visually aware?

No answers, just questions.



Academic Buzzwords

I just came across a little notebook that I took to a college art conference several years ago. I noted a few expressions that kept coming up in the most pedantic academic presentations. I felt that when I heard them, it was an alert for academic BS time:

“would argue”

“as it were”

“want to suggest”

“it becomes clear”

Watch out!