It just doesn’t seem like Thanksgiving was just a week ago…

I worked hard in the studio today. Getting to know what those clayboard surfaced masonite panels are like—I really like them.

Given that I have 15 more surfaces to work on than I planned for I decided that I really had to get going and make three works today. I actually got a really good start on five pieces. I think two are about 95% done and the others are in the 80-85% range, so I’m happy about that. The pieces are done with gray, black and white acrylic, japanese ink and graphite. The clay surface lets me utilize scraping with an X-acto knife and sanding to erase. You can see the pieces here on the wall.



As you can see, I added one more big table to my work area. These all aluminum (including the work surface) tables are about five by twelve feet and are the most amazing studio tables ever. Unfortunately you can’t buy them. They were made here by two of Bob’s studio assistants, one of whom, Matt, is now the facilities manager here.


The lightness of the aluminum along with the high quality industrial casters make them easily moveable with just one hand (well, you need two hands to steer).

I did take one break by the pool (just outside the studio) to read a chapter of Hadrian (did you know that the ancient Romans collected urine from the public toilets to use as bleach for their clothing?).

While there I watched turkey vultures collect on a snag. Bob purposely left snags for birds to roost on.



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