I did a little work on a few paintings before lunch.

After a little fiddling with a couple pieces it got to the point that I couldn’t “see” the paintings anymore, so I decided to shake things up and spent some time taking down the foot square pieces and hanging all the color paintings in one line and lighting them.

IMG_4108After staring at them for awhile I decided that my brain had ceased to function for the day and walked over to the Weeks House where I watched Osprey adding to a nest. This one is the guard/lookout and the partner was bring some new materials from time to time. There are several of these nesting pole platforms here. This one is maybe 50 feet from the Weeks House.IMG_4111

Went out to the Fish House. Something was drastically wrong with the weather yesterday as you can see:IMG_4113

However, according (funny, if you type “accordin,” the autocorrect suggestion is “accordion”) to my iPhone the temperature was 79 degrees.

Nearing dusk, on the way back across the boardwalk I saw this scene:IMG_4131


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