The Last Weekend

Next Saturday we all leave. Some have already left. Stephen left on Sunday, but on Saturday he had a little recording session at the pool with Yassi. She had already sung underwater for him awhile back. This time she manipulated a piece of sheet metal and then again did a little singing.

Stephen Yassi sheetmetalStephen Yassi underwater

On Sunday I thought all the paintings were done, but I set up a process to be sure. Below you see the setup for how it worked.

Hang a painting. Have some espresso (there’s a Nespresso machine in the studio’s kitchen!). Read. Glance at the painting. Work on the NY Times crossword. Get up and look closely at the painting. Decide it’s OK. Hang new painting. Repeat.

Studio 12 16 12

I did find one painting that needed work. I think I fixed it. I’ll decide on Monday morning.

Waldo Cottage at dusk Sunday:Waldo House


One thought on “The Last Weekend

  1. I like the relationship between your painting’s black squares and the crossword puzzle’s black squares.

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