Rauschenberg Residency Postscript #1

So what were we doing there?

Well, were were the first of five test groups who are having the “test run” or shakedown cruise (was that the boat trip?) to help those in charge figure out how this residency program is going to run when it gets going for real.

In the contract it said:

[Artist in Residence]  agrees to provide verbal and written feedback on the residency experience in the areas of facilities (housing, studios, equipment, amenities), overall residency philosophy (mixture of disciplines, emphasis on collaboration/interaction, facilitation of/contribution to artistic process), logistical issues (residency length, meals, amenities) and staff (communication, assistance, support). The assessments will take the form of verbal – personal conversations, informal/formal meetings, and written – immediately following the residency, and one year later. 

I just sent in my 10 page response to the Residency questionnaire yesterday. Gee, I hope the “one year later” is live feedback on site!

So, what is it going to be? Nobody knows yet…and that’s a good thing.


Another PS coming. Maybe tomorrow.


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