Decision making

Back in the olden times, when I was in college, we didn’t register for classes online. We stood in long lines in the gym at Portland State and waited our turn to hand paperwork to an actual person. That was in order to register for one class. Then you’d get into another line to register for another class. In order to keep the lines manageable each student was given a time during registration day when their registration packet would be available. If you were lucky the registration lottery would give you an early time so that all your desired classes would be available.

In the fall of 1968 I got a late registration time.

I was a sophomore graphic design major and I needed the required Lettering class in order to meet prerequisites in the program. By the time I got to the line, all of the Lettering classes were closed.

I was 19 years old and too naive to know that I could probably beg a teacher to get in because I really needed the course. So, I made the decision to be a painting major instead.

And on that decision turned the whole of my life since.

Otherwise I would not have had the experiences enumerated on the “About” page on this site. Nor would I have met most of the friends that I now have.

And I probably wouldn’t have met my wife, Susan, or our two children.

So that’s how key decisions are made.


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