Selling Bacon

Shoen Library at Marylhurst University has just received a copy of the Christie’s catalog for the auction where Francis Bacon’s Three Studies of Lucien Freud sold for $142 million. (The Jeff Koons Balloon Dog (Orange) on the cover went for only $58.4 million. Just FYI, it is ten feet tall.)


This ten pound (estimate) catalog is pretty amazing. Here’s how the cover opens.


There’s charming Jeff Koons on the inside flap of the dust jacket.


And a Roy Lichtenstein (Seductive Girl, 1996, estimate $22-28 million) on the flyleaf. But wait! Here’s the book cover with Lucio Fontana’s Concetto spatziale, La fine di Dio, 1963 (est. $15-20 million). And inside the dust jacket, De Kooning, Untitled VIII, 1977 (est. 20-30 million), and Rothko, No. 11 (Untitled), 1957 (est. $25-35 million).


But wait!

The “cover” unfolds!



And there’s the big star!

You need a three page foldout for a painting like this. But wait! There’s another one inside!


And…after 10 pages of copy about the painting…one more fold out!


Now that’s how you promote a painting!


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