Portland Parks Vandalism

Recently I was on my way to play volleyball in Laurelhurst Park when I came upon this park sign with a bit of spray painted vandalism. It reminded me of something that’s bugged me for awhile.


I’ve liked the classic design of these wooden park signs for as long as I can remember. They used to look like this:

Laurelhurst BLANK

As I recall the background used to be a forest green, but this color seems OK. What bothered me was when some idiot in the Parks Department decided that since they got a new logo, they needed to post it everywhere, including screwing up the design of these signs.


Which, for me, is just institutional vandalism by some clueless bureaucrat. It wrecks the sign just as much as…

Spray only

But maybe the parks logo tag is worse, since it won’t get painted out.

See my post of January 27, 2013 for other institutional vandalism.


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