Mel Katz Part 7: The T-shirt

This isn’t from my Mel Katz file, but from a box in my closet.

I think it was 1971 when Mel organized a group show at the Fountain Gallery called Crush. My memory is that it had something to do with recycling and the only work I remember from that show was a pile of cigarette butts by Louis Bunce.

Back then I was one of Mel’s advanced painting students and hung around with George Crary, a photographer, doing odd stuff around the PSU art department. Anyway, at the opening of Crush George snapped a pic of Mel and as George readied to take another Mel said, “One’s enough George.” George snapped. We made that pic into a t-shirt.

T shirt overall

We gathered t-shirts from fellow students and art department folks and screen printed the pic in green, just to give it a little extra icky factor. We kept it a secret until the day we all wore them to school including the department secretary and the model for Mel’s life drawing class.

T shirt closeup

Fun times! Here’s a pic, by Craig Hickman, of George Crary and me at about that time.



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