A Failure to Communicate

A couple years ago, when I was staying at Captiva, Florida, my brother-in-law came down to visit and stayed at South Seas Island Resort—which looked like a big motel, but since it was on the water, I guess it is a “resort.”

As we were sitting around one evening I looked up to see this event, and took the picture:

Captiva VENTI just recently came upon the picture again. It shows an example of a construction error that many would  not notice, and because many would not notice, they decided not to fix it.

I’m just wondering about what the finish carpenters thought and said when they were running crown molding and came upon this vent inserted just a few inches too high.

Somebody wasn’t coordinating the trades (HVAC and finish carpentry). And, when the problem presented itself, it had to be decided that fixing it correctly would just cost too much.

They figured nobody would notice or care, not anticipating a nitpicky guy like me.

A real life absurdity—maybe it’s art.