This five panel work, Buson’s Rocks, (16″ x 80″) was in my Nine Gallery exhibition in 2015:

Sutinen Buson's Rocks 2015

These small (16″ x 20″), acrylic and japanese ink on panel, paintings from the Continuation series were part of my Nine Gallery exhibition in 2015:Continuaiton 10 2105 Continuation 1 2015 Continuation 2 2015 Continuation 3 2015 Continuation 4 2015 Continuation 6 2015 Continuation 7 2015 Continuation 8 2015 Continuation 9 2015

These small (16″ x 20″) acrylic on panel paintings, part of the Captiva Suite, were made at the Rauschenberg Residency in November and December 2012:

Captiva Suite 1 Captiva Suite 2 Captiva Suite 4 Captiva Suite 5 Captiva Suite 9 Captiva Suite 10 Captiva Suite 11 Captiva Suite 14 Captiva Suite 18


Sculpture in the Form of a Building, 2000

Among the Pin Oaks, 2000

On the Hillside, 2000



One thought on “Works

  1. Paul.. I am delighted with your blog..Deep memories of my 2 visits to Captiva.I love following your days ,.very moving.Love to Susan.. Love from Susan

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