Began Saturday morning as usual sitting on the little front deck/porch having coffee and watching the funny little squirrels they have here.


They are a lot smaller than the ones in Portland, Oregon and have no hair, but they scurry and jump around just the same.

Didn’t do much Saturday. My brother-in-law, Rick, arrived and we did a lot of touring around the property and just sitting around talking. Went out to dinner at the Key Lime Bistro. Sat outside, there was a jazz guitarist/singer. Very pleasant. Here’s Rick:


Happy Holidays!

The Xmas lights are up!


Fun to see the snowflakes on the palms.


And the “douglas fir” garlands at the local strip mall…



I hadn’t planned to work in the studio on the weekend, but when Susan and Rick went swimming in the pool (I’m not a swimmer) I decided to tinker around in the studio just a bit. Five hours later I’d had a really productive day. I got the last five of the small panels started (maybe 50-90% there) and began layering coats of white gesso over the bright colors I put on the larger panels on Friday. Also adjusted the lighting and while I was up on the rolling ladder took an overhead photo of my work setup:


I think maybe five or six of the small panels are done, and hope to get working in color on the bigger ones soon. End of day Sunday:



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