Monday Dec 3

Began Monday by blogging about the weekend and then around lunch time we went over to the Weeks House (purchased, as I understand it, from Mrs. Weeks), the house that serves as the central kitchen/dining/social area for the place. Here’s a view looking toward the deck and then the view of Pine Island Sound if you turn 180 degrees:


As we arrived, this guy was right out there in the water…


…maybe 50 feet from the shore. I went to the shoreline and watched him (or her).  Eventually he walked over to within 20 feet of me and then walked off into the bush.

Got an excellent day in the studio. Late in the afternoon Yassi Mazandi came in to utilize some comfortable floor.


Yassi is working in the ceramic studio which is just downstairs from the main studio.


OK, at end of workday there are 15 pieces on the wall and I’m reasonably sure that the 10 on the left are done. (But I might find something about them to tinker with.)


And after putting about 6-8 coats of Daniel Smith “World’s Best” white gesso (yes, plug for Daniel Smith, love the product) over the bright colors that I put onto the larger panels on Friday, I randomly splotted (autocorrect didn’t like the term “splotted”!) some colors onto the panels to give me starting points to work with. I’ll see how that works out. Yes, the bright base colors are buried, but they glow through just a bit which must be what I want because that’s what I did.


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