Friday Dec 7

Did some satisfying work in the studio today. Began by looking at pieces that had just the beginning dabs on them and began to get them into shape. I think they’re all moving along OK and my modus operandi (still reading Hadrian, get to use latin!) is working. Here’s an end of day shot:


Just towards sundown we were summoned to the Fish House for individual and group portraits by Laurie. She has to leave tomorrow, but she gets to return when a new group of artists is here. Here she is, hard at work again, trying to get the best angle on the wild bunch:


The light out there was beautiful…


Laurie brought a copy of her recent book Roy Lichtenstein in His Studio which you see Linda and Maria Elena perusing just before dinner:

IMG_3921It is a beautiful book and available on Amazon. Still time to get those Xmas presents delivered!

Since I haven’t managed to get Jack Pierson in a pic before, here he was at dinner a couple hours ago.

IMG_3932He is usually more focused than this picture…




One thought on “Friday Dec 7

  1. Laurie is a great photographer but, judging by your picture of her shooting the wild bunch, she doesn’t seem to have the knack of how to sit on a chair.

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